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Marketing with Purpose

It was early on a cold Saturday morning in late March 2020 when I frantically reached out to my sister because my niece had posted on social media that her family might be sick. My sister has type 2 diabetes, and at the time, the outcomes for someone like her surviving COVID-19 looked terrible. Speaking with her that morning, I realized the stories I had been creating and sharing with her about reversing her disease could be the thing that helped make her stronger in fighting off the deadly virus. Those same stories also had the power to be life-changing for anyone who, like me, was terrified because they or a loved one had this terrible pre-existing condition. That is why I have made it my mission to use my marketing knowledge and storytelling expertise to inspire others to take action, especially when it matters the most.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell.”


What is Brand Storytelling?

It‘s capturing real, unscripted brand-related moments for your digital marketing.

It‘s turning your raving clients into your #1 brand ambassadors in an authentic way.

It‘s bringing to life your purpose-driven mission by sharing stories that emotionally connect.

It‘s showing your prospective clients what your brand experience is all about through a first-person POV.

And it‘s also what creates brand love for the companies Nicole collaborates with.

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