Nicole Howe
Freelance digital art director + photographer + videographer

The Travel Yogi

A collection of stories to communicate how Travel Yogi retreats are the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure.

Art Direction + Photography + Videography + Video Editing

Yoga in Central America

Yoga in Central America

Voted in the top 20 “Tours of a Lifetime: 20 Great Adventures in Latin America” by National Geographic Traveler, the focus of the visuals for this trip was on color, culture and most importantly adventure.

Yoga in the Mexican Riviera

Yoga in the Mexican Riviera

From clear blue cenotes to white sand beaches, delicious food, and of course, yoga, Travel Yogi wanted to show how this trip was the perfect way to immerse yourself into the Mexican culture.

Yoga in the French Countryside

Yoga in the French Countryside

From exploring medieval castles to wine making, the objective of these marketing visuals was to immerse people in the adventure of a Travel Yogi experience in the south of France.